F . A . Q




Please find below the most frequently asked questions.
To be honest, it is difficult to answer this question precisely.
It depends on your needs, the volume requested, the complexity of the project and our availability at 
this time.
If your deadlines are tight, it is best to CONTACT US and tell us some more.
Is Cost estimator right ?
The rate estimator is fair and based on our lowest prices.
Again, it depends on the complexity of the work.
But ... .This is also the price we practice most often!
What is the format of the visuals?
  • For renders, the preferred format is HD format (1920 * 1080) in TIFF 300 DPI, in order to keep a 
    concordance with the standard of printing. 
    We can also send you other copies in the format you want (jpg, png, pdf ...)

  • For videos, the preferred format is format HDTV (1280 * 720) encoded in MP4 for an optimal 

  • For the 360 virtual tours, we give you an HTML 5 file, you just have to upload it to your server 
    in order to start the visit.

Aware that the dimensions proposed so-called "standard" do not necessarily suit your needs (ex 4X3m visual), 
it is quite possible to have larger visuals.
Currently, we prefer payment by wire transfer, or online payment (2Checkout, Paypal) although 
we are studying payment by Credit card as well as payment by purchase of credit points.
Downloading my medias ?
We offer several solutions to downlad your medias, according to your convenience:
  • By Mail

  • By FTP.

  • By any online storage of your choice ---»  Dropbox, mega, googledrive, wetransfert ...
    You can also retrieve them by accessing our site, via a dedicated space, 
    with no expiration limit.To benefit from this type of access, please contact us.