THEFIFTHFLOOR covers 100% of your visuals needs


We are a team of passionate creatives and artists specialized in visual contents for real-estates developers, Hotel and Resort groups, Investment groups. Our services range from still visuals of exteriors / interiors, enriched videos and new technology such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) for an immersive and comprehensive presentation of your projects.
Made simple, we support you in your digital endeavour by crafting stunning visuals for your sales tools, either printed brochures or digital content for your websites and internet banners and social media activities.


We craft stunning interiors fueling your sales by portraying a real and intimate well designed atmosphere, spaces and possible life. In a word, a projection of people’s dreams.







From Houses to complex condominiums, hotels, resorts, these visuals are the essential stepping stone for communicating big picture ideas or detailed descriptions of elements articulated together. It will fuel your business from final sales presentation guide to city council presentation, etc..







The new unit floor plan. This tools allows  you to depict in the most efficient way any appartment distribution and a simple way to compare different units in a same project. It makes your sales department work just better. It sports simple space like a 1 bdr unit to a Hotel lobby / floor.







Almost everybody heard of or experienced one or both. Still, let give you a few hints in how to take advantages of VR and AR. VR is definitely the heavy weight in the virtual category. It needs some decent hardware, SmartPhones or VR Sets, but it unlock unprecedented experience in discovering / journeying into a non yet existent space. It can showcase your craziest projects into a blunt and efficient way: Why not walking through it ? Take a tour !.


AR is a different tool, showcasing different aspect of your projects. Let say you are in “Pre Contruction sales”, a potential buyer could go on the site of the future project, his soon to be acquisition / investment and through his SmartPhone he will be able to see the building finished in place and lieu of the existing real estate. Unlock the true power of virtual content for your next project !




This interesting visual approach is the best in between VR and classic presentation.
It offers the sales team to present apartment units in an interactive way, the buyer can navigate within the apartment by clicking POI (Point Of Interest). Each one transporting the buyer in another spot of the unit and allowing him to look around this specific spot.
It is a economical way to introduce interactive presentation to your sales tools !